Akdeniz Chemson, the global market leader in the PVC stabilizer product group, has made a new investment to meet the increasing demand in the growing Chinese market.

Akdeniz Chemson, one of the OYAK Group Companies, has started its facility in Hukou city, Jiujiang province of China with an annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons.

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated that the investment made by Akdeniz Chemson in China is the result of the vision and sustainable growth strategy that OYAK has demonstrated in recent years, saying, “Today, we carry out uninterrupted production 24/7 in different sectors on all continents and in all time zones, from China to the USA. We analyze the demands and needs of the sectors we operate in detail and act with the understanding of ‘right market, right investment’.”

Erdem emphasized that they accelerated foreign investments in the chemical and agriculture sectors and that Akdeniz Chemson’s facility in China is a product of this understanding and said, “OYAK, always focusing on sustainability and profitability, combined Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson, its companies serving in the chemical sector, under the ‘Akdeniz Chemson’ brand with all operations in 2020. With this major move, Akdeniz Chemson Global (AC Global) became the world’s largest company in the PVC stabilizers field, operating on 5 continents.”

“We will respond to the increasing demand in China and Far East Asia”

Erdem emphasized that OYAK continues to make investments to further highlight its product groups in which it is the market leader in the chemical sector, and said, “With this understanding, even during the pandemic period that affected the world, we did not give up on our investment in China and continued our work. China is a strategically important market for us, where competition is high. With our new investment, we will respond to the increasing demand in China and Far East Asia. As a strong player in the region, Akdeniz Chemson will continue to invest by accurately analyzing the needs and expectations of the market.”

Located in the heart of the Chinese economy

The city of Hukou, where the facility is located, is situated in the Yangtze River (Blue River) delta, one of the most important production centers in China on the country’s east coast. The city is located near Shanghai and Ningbo ports, the largest import and export ports in China and the region.

The Akdeniz Chemson plant, located in the Heping town about 30 kilometers from the city center, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The facility is situated in an industrial zone with convenient transportation and infrastructure facilities, and well-planned environmental regulations.

With the new investment, the number of production lines in the integrated plant has increased to three, and the annual production capacity has reached 30,000 tons. Became operational with its laboratory, production lines and warehouses, the facility produces calcium-zinc and organic based, new generation stabilizers.

Global player in the chemical industry

With an experience of over half a century in the Turkish chemical industry, the OYAK Group continues its steady growth with global investments in recent years.

Almatis, an OYAK chemical company and the world leader in the specialty alumina product group, is focusing on new product development and R&D activities to meet the changing needs of the sector. Almatis’ new factory in India, which became operational last year, will further strengthen OYAK’s dominance in the South Asian market in the near future.

The carbon black production plant that will be built by OYAK Sentetik Karbon Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. in Iskenderun will be a first in Turkey. The facility will be able to meet Turkey’s annual domestic carbon black demand of 220,000 tons. OYAK’s carbon black investment will be able to replace $300 million worth of carbon black imports from the first year of production onwards. The new investment will not only reduce the current account deficit but also add value to the country’s economy and foreign trade.