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Metallic soaps and lubricants are widely used in the polymer industry. Metallic soaps improve the fluidity of thermoplastics, prevent adhesion during processing, improve rheological properties and surface properties, prevent colour changes at high temperatures, and act as a mould release.

Metal soaps are used as processing aids in rubber applications. They increase flowability, they allow working at lower temperatures, and they have mould-release properties.

Our range of products for the paint sector includes metal soaps and anti-corrosive pigments.

Metal soaps are used in the paint and mortar industry to adjust the dusting level of products and are compounds that fatty acids (like C8…C22) create with metals. These soaps assume an auxiliary stabilizer and internal-external lubricant function in PVC formulae and can be used individually in the instance of synergic combinations. The commonly used types are Al, Ba, Ca, Pb, Mg, or Zn soaps of stearic, lauric, or benzoic acids.