PVC is a raw material widely used in profiles, window profiles, pipes, cables, and many other areas of application.

One-Pack Stabilizers

One-Pack Stabilizers are used in a wide range of PVC applications such as: Technical & Window Profiles,  Pipes & Fittings, Wires & Cables, Flooring and Flexible PVC Applications:

PVC is a leading raw material used in the production of technical profiles and window profiles. Stabilizers with their various special components make it possible to process PVC.

With their different application areas, colors and sizes, PVC pipes and injection parts require excellent technical features, high quality and must withstand harsh conditions for a long time. Akdeniz Chemson offers the right type of stabilizer systems for all versions and individual solutions for specific customer requirements.

Since polyvinyl chloride is one of the most widely used thermoplastic polymers, it is the material of choice for both insulation and sheath mixtures for cables in the high voltage range and temperatures

PVC has several degrees of hardness and becomes flexible with the addition of plasticizers, depending on the flexibility of the products to be manufactured. PVC products manufactured with the addition of plasticizers reach the desired flexibility, adapt very well to the ambient conditions in the areas of use and have a long life.

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Metalic Salts

Metallic salts can use to adjust rheology, stability, and color. These salts of inorganic acid can contain a hydrophobic coating or not. Inorganic-Organic salts of lead compounds are the most abundant, cost-effective and common form of stabilizers used for PVC applications. Their heat stabilizing effects are flawless and used for PVC products with a long service life.