Acrylic Impact Modifiers

We can offer more economical solution to our customers, thanks to the many years of experience of Akdeniz Chemson has in PVC stabilizers area.

DMA 650

DMA 650 provides homogeneous melt flow at different production rates in addition to providing high impact resistance and mechanical properties in PVC applications. Enhanced powder properties bring advantages in packaging and handling. Thanks to its special design, DMA 650, with its easy-flow, low dust and odour characteristics, can be used with automatic handling and feeding systems, for quicker and safer working operations. Akdeniz DMA 650 enables manufacturers to produce high quality complex PVC products even at high production rates.

Having long-lasting UV resistance and excellent colour stability and durability, DMA 650 ensures that PVC products can retain original appearance during long-term outdoor exposures and under adverse weathering conditions. In addition to its unaccompanied use in formulations, DMA 650 can offer more economical solution to our producers, thanks to the many years of experience of Akdeniz Kimya has in PVC stabilizers area, by means of reducing the use of Impact Modifier (DMA 650) in its formulation.

DMA 707

DMA 707 is an intelligent and synergistic combination of the Acrylic Based Impact Modifier (DMA 650) with CPE. The premix of DMA 650 and CPE has advantages in comparison to the use of the two single modifiers; 

  • Improved impact strength
  • Lowered plate-out
  • Procurement of the product from one supplier instead of two.
  • Cost saving regarding storage, dosage at hot mixer